Announcing the transfer of Bakossi and Niete

We bring you the news that Bakossi and Niete have found a new home.
In December 2023, our two beautiful growing girls were transferred to Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue. This important decision was made to give Bakossi and Niete the best possible opportunities for the next stage of their social and physical development, with other juvenile chimps of a similar age.
They have been lovingly cared for by the LWC staff, but we are pleased that they will be able to take advantage of SYCR’s new forested juvenile enclosure and one day join a chimpanzee community in at the sanctuary.
Goodbye’s are never easy. The Limbe Wildlife Centre has been privileged to see these two girls flourish since they both arrived in 2022 as young orphans. We can’t wait to see their progress as they continue to grow and enjoy their life at SYCR. We are incredibly thankful to all those that supported Bakossi and Niete’s care throughout their stay at LWC.
Bakossi’s story:
Bakossi arrived in April 2022. She was confiscated from a farmer in Bakossi National Park, and came to the LWC to begin her rehabilitation. It is likely that her family were killed for bushmeat, and she was intended for the pet trade. Did you know poachers must kill up to 10 chimpanzees to obtain one baby for the pet trade?
Bakossi proved herself to be a mischievous little chimpanzee who always made her carers laugh. Her bold personality will be missed by all!
Niete’s story:
Niete arrived in October 2022. She had been confiscated in Campo Ma’an National Park. She was in a very poor condition when she arrived – she was tiny and very distressed. With care and time, she began to gain strength and confidence. With the help of her “big sister” Bakossi, she was soon almost unrecognisable – observing, exploring and playing like a young chimpanzee should. The LWC staff will miss her gentle nature and funny bipedal walking!

Bakossi and Niete. Photo by Raphael Detourbe.

Niete upon arrival at the LWC in October 2022.

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