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We currently care for more than more than 250 victims of the illegal wildlife trade. Every day is a challenge as we scramble for funding to cover the essential operating costs, such as animal food, building and repairing enclosures to make room for new arrivals, and salaries for our keepers without whom the LWC could not run. Please make a donation using your credit or debit card, or find out more about other ways you can get involved here.

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Every donation makes a difference. Every donation counts. 

All of the animals affected by the illegal bushmeat and pet trades have a sad story; one full of trauma and loss. After witnessing the death of their mothers, they start a long journey full of uncertainty. But we will be there for them for as long as they need it. We make sure each individual has a safe home, the best veterinary care possible and an enriched and full social life. But we simply cannot do this without your help.

However much you choose to give, be assured that your kind gift will be used in the most effective and efficient way possible to benefit Cameroon’s wildlife. Thank you very much from the entire LWC team and all the rescued animals in our care.


Can pay for browse for a rescued primate for one month


Can pay for peanuts for all our primates for one month


Can pay for an annual health check for a rescued primate


Can pay for specialist care for a new arrival for one month


Can pay for shelter and care for a rescued great ape for one year

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We are reliant on donations not only to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, but also to continue our critical education and community projects. Find out more by clicking on the boxes below.





Please note that all donations go directly to the Limbe Wildlife Centre account held by Pandrillus Foundation USA.  Pandrillus deducts no administrative fees and all funds are available for Limbe Wildlife Centre to serve the greatest need of the animals and the project.

You can also send checks to:

Pandrillus Foundation
P.O. Box 10082
Portland, Oregon 97296  USA

Pandrillus Foundation is a 501 c (3) organisation and your gift is 100% tax deductible for federal income tax purposes in the US. Our federal tax ID number is: EIN 93-1289932. For more information about the Pandrillus Foundation you can also visit

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