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Celebrity Ambassadors

Peter Egan

Peter Egan is Limbe Wildlife Centre’s first ambassador. He is a British actor and animal rights activist.

He is known for his television roles, including Hogarth in Big Breadwinner Hog, the future George IV of the United Kingdom in Prince Regent (1979); smooth neighbour Paul Ryman in the sitcom Ever Decreasing Circles (1984–89); and Hugh “Shrimpie” MacClare, Marquess of Flintshire, in Downton Abbey (2012–15).

Lesley Nicol

Lesley Nicol is an English actress, a three-time SAG Award winner in the Best Cast in a Drama Series category for her role as Beryl Patmore in the drama TV series Downton Abbey. She is an animal lover and an advocate for animal welfare across the globe!

Social Media Ambassadors