Rescued Wildlife Urgently Needs Your Help


The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) is being hit hard by the current Covid-19 pandemic. With no volunteers or visitors coming to the centre, we have lost an important source of income, and much of our grant funding has been cut due to the global economic downturn. With travel and business restrictions happening across Cameroon, like in many other countries, we are struggling to obtain the food and medication needed every day for our rescued wildlife.

Further, we had to upgrade and add new health and safety facilities at the centre, to secure the health of our rescues and staff. Due to the close relation in DNA of some of our great apes to humans, it is feared that they too can contract the deadly virus. Therefore, we did everything in our power to protect them and instated the Emergency Action Plan to combat Covid-19. This plan helps the centre keep all animals and staff healthy and protected while still ensuring their best possible welfare and care.

At this difficult time, we urgently need your help. We are dependent on your kindness to continue providing daily essential care to the more than 450 animals currently in our care.

Rescued animals like chimpanzee Chinoise need you now more than ever.
For more information on how we are fighting this pandemic with our Emergency action plan, please read below:

We do not know how long this crisis will last and we must ensure we have the staff, food, and medical supplies for the incredibly vulnerable animals in our care. Every donation makes a real difference.

In short, the LWC is a place of safety and survival for animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. And at this difficult time, they are relying on you to continue receiving the much-needed care they need. Will you please make an urgent donation today to enable us to continue providing a place of safety to our rescued wildlife? 

Many of the species at the LWC such as the great apes – gorillas and chimpanzees – need be protected now more than ever. These incredible and endangered animals are highly susceptible to catching human diseases – especially respiratory diseases. Therefore, we need your help now to continuing protecting them.

Please make a gift today for rescued wildlife like Chinoise.