Hear what some long-time friends and volunteers have to say about the Limbe Wildlife Centre!

SARA THRALL – Sara is a long-term friend of the LWC and one of our most generous donors. She has also assisted us anytime we need her.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been passionate about animals. I grew up watching documentaries, wishing I could work with Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall, and generally in awe at wildlife in Africa. Now through adult eyes, and worried about my own children’s futures, I am even more aware of the irreversible damage that my generation is inflicting on the world. Humans continue to take more than we need, destroy critical natural habitats, poach and trade wildlife at staggering rates…. we’re destroying our wildlife heritage.

LWC’s singular mission is to counter that loss, and it’s why I started supporting them almost four years ago. Day in and day out for 25 years, LWC has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals from the illegal wildlife trade, educating future conservation leaders, and implementing wide-scale green-employment projects in Cameroon to remove the underlying drivers of wildlife trafficking and deforestation for lasting change. LWC is a small, but mighty. They are a model for successful conservation and proof that a small group of passionate and relentless people CAN make a difference. I hope more and more people will learn about and support their life-saving work.

ROWENA FACEE SCHAEFFER – Rowena is the founder of She helps us with communication, fundraising and special projects onsite and regularly volunteers with us.

“Back in 2018, I was looking for a rehabilitation centre in Africa. I wanted to put into practice everything I learned as a volunteer chimpanzee caretaker in the Netherlands and to learn more about the threats to their existence in their home country.

Working closely with the LWC’s caretakers, especially Victor Veseke and Killi Matute, I was impressed by their knowledge, professionalism and dedication. While at the LWC, I observed and enriched rescued gorillas and chimpanzees, designed enrichments, and joined the education team on several awareness events with the local communities. Later, I kept assisting in communication for several fundraising campaigns.

LWC conducts several impressive conservation projects that not only save wildlife but also help to strengthen the capacities of local communities to achieve sustainability. 

LWC is so more than ‘just’ a rescue centre. And to me? Well… They are family!”

ANNELIES BEGAS – Annelies is a long-term friend of the Limbe Wildlife Centre. She helps to raise important funds to support our work.

I started doing volunteer work after my holidays in Uganda and Rwanda. In these countries, I fell in love with the gorillas and chimpanzees. I volunteered at several sanctuaries and in 2009 it was the first time that I volunteered at Limber Wildlife Centre. I felt very welcome at the centre and the staff was always very helpful and took time to talk about the animals. Since then, I have been in Limbe 11 times. Unfortunately this year it was not possible to go to Cameroon because of Covid-19. From Holland, I do my best to raise some money for the centre and I hope some wishes of the centre can be realized with a little help from me and all the other volunteers who always had a good time at LWC!”