A national rescue and rehabilitation centre


Here at the centre, we take care, rescue, rehabilitate and release a range of 15 different primate species, ranging from great ape such as gorillas, chimpanzees and mandrills, to smaller types of primates like the mona monkey, putty nose monkey and many more. Most of the species in our care are listed as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered on the IUCN list.

You can help us to get these endangered animals back to the wild by supporting the cost of their care today!

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Here’s what your donations could help us achieve


Can pay for peanuts for all our primates for one month


Can pay for an annual health check for a rescued primate


Can pay for specialist care for a new arrival for one month


Can pay for shelter and care for a rescued great ape for one year

Why Primates?

In Cameroon, the demand for primates is large and for a different range of reasons. Firstly, the biggest demand is due to bush meat. These primates, mostly bigger great apes, get hunted as a food source. Cameroon has for a long time been very politically unstable and corrupt, which has caused for this country to become very poor and it’s people to suffer. This has resulted in communities being forced to become hunters, poachers and traffickers for survival.

Secondly, these primates are often used as entertainment and a tourist attraction, or illegally trafficked to be shipped to zoos and other unethical institutions which brings an income. However, these animals are then usually physically abused, live in very poor conditions and are in very bad health. This has lead to a severe decrease in the wild number population numbers, and continually decreasing at rapid speed.

Conservation and protection of these animals needs to happen fast, or they will be lost eternally!

A glimpse into the fun and life of our chimpanzee, Chinoise!