Engaging the next generation in wildlife conservation


Education is one of the pillars of the Limbe Wildlife Centre. Therefore we undertake an extensive conservation education programme. Typically we welcome up to 50,000 Cameroonian visitors to the centre every year to take part in conservation education. Furthermore, our weekly school-based education outreach programme reaches some 2,100 students per year. And on average, our Saturday Nature Club is attended by 600 children aged 6-16 year old throughout the year.

Help Us To Educate Future Leaders

We are 100% reliant on donations to continue our important education programmes. You can directly help us to engage Cameroonians in the protection of their unique wildlife heritage by supporting our education initiatives.

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School Outreach Programme

This programme focuses on educating local school children about conservation, the environment and wildlife in Cameroon. Every week during the academic year we go to schools in and around Limbe to teach lessons on topics such as primates, ecology, and the impact of human activities on the environment. We use a hands-on and creative approach and include student visits to the sanctuary, theatrical performances, singing and field trips in our programme. Ultimately, we aim to educate and inspire the next generation to protect wildlife.

As of 2022, our educators teach in 14 schools in Limbe, Batoke and Bakingili, reaching up to 2,100 school children. Furthermore, many of the students attend our Saturday Nature Club. Our outreach programme also involves a comprehensive evaluation element in order to assess the impact of our programmes. Our hope is to one day ensure all children in Cameroon receive specific education on conservation.

Saturday Nature Club

We encourage all citizens but especially children to feel involved in the protection of their natural and cultural heritage. As such, our education programmes aim to engage children to become future leaders in conservation.

Every Saturday from 2pm – 4pm we offer a Nature Club for local children. During this time they learn about nature conservation, play games, watch videos, take part in nature-based educational activities, see the animals in rehabilitation and much more! Every week we focus on a different conservation-related topic. Children are welcome to come and have fun, make new friends and learn about conservation.

We kindly request that parents ensure their children are dropped off and picked up by supervising adults.

Visitor Education

We welcome around 50,000 visitors to the centre every year for conservation education. Importantly, more than 90% of these visitors are Cameroonian. However, due to the current socio-political crisis in the South West region, the number of visitors has dropped over the past several years. This also means that the income received from visitors has substantially reduced.

Loss of wildlife to the illegal wildlife trade is a critical issue, and one which continues despite there being numerous protected areas. Through visual observation of the wildlife in rehabilitation and through eco-guides and educational boards, we aim to educate our visitors not only on the individual animal species, but also on the threats to wildlife, and the conservation actions which every citizen should engage in to conserve Cameroon’s unique wildlife.


Awareness and sensitization to conservation and protection of our unique wildlife is of utmost importance to change our hunting communitites to ones of conservation. Therefore, we have partnered with local Cameroonian artist, Toh Bright, an award winning visual artist from Cameroon! His astonishing art aims at promoting the protection and welfare of wildlife and humans, the health of ecosystems and many other philanthropic causes. Therefore, he decided that the Limbe Wildlife Centre is the perfect place for the inspiration for his newest campaign. He has created a sensitization campaign, consisting of four billboards which emphasize the work that the Limbe Wildlife Centre does.

The aim of these billboards is to educate and hopefully inspire more of our locals to join our conservation efforts and leave the old ways of survival by hunting, poaching and trafficking behind.

Toh Bright, Visual Artist

“Art for Nature is an outstanding initiative, which involves communicating and educating the public interactively, especially with our children. Art is the medium for this. This innovative project aims to trigger the right emotions through every bit of the artistry involved. Art, I believe, must reconnect people with their environment, nature, and culture. As a Cameroonian visual artist fascinated by conservation and loving my country, I have engaged in creating art pieces to inspire Cameroonians, Africans and the rest of the world to recognize the unique value of our wildlife, as a core part of our cultural heritage, and realize what we stand to lose if we do not better protect. Through the Art for Nature concept, I intend, with Pandrillus and the Limbe Wildlife Centre, to picture what’s going on, and stimulate an emotional response from people to care, protect and restore nature”