Everyone has a role to play


Every day the animals at the LWC remind us how much they have gone through and how important this second chance is for them. It is not only us, but you too, who are the biggest part of their hope. We cannot continue our work without your help.

Whether you are able to volunteer your time, make a donation, raise some funds, help us to create new partnerships or share our work on social media…  every action counts! If everyone makes just a small effort, we really can make a difference and protect wildlife for generations to come.


You can make a big difference to the rescued animals at the Limbe Wildlife Centre by taking just a moment to make a donation. The Limbe Wildlife Centre / Pandrillus Cameroon is a non-profit organisation. We rely on the kindness of individuals like you to continue providing the best quality care to the 250+ rescued animals that call Limbe home, to educate the public on conservation and to provide alternative employment to hunting and animal trading to the local community.

Any donation really is a huge help and makes a big difference to our work.


Can pay for browse for a rescued primate for one month


Can pay for peanuts for all our primates for one month


Can pay for an annual health check for a rescued primate


Can pay for specialist care for a new arrival for one month


Can pay for shelter and care for a rescued great ape for one year

Join Our Online Community

Protecting nature and the wildlife within it is essential if we are to ensure a bio-diverse future. Human actions are causing the rapid decline of the planet’s flora and fauna at an unprecedented rate. Join us in spreading the word .

Fundraise For Us

Whether you would like to take on a challenge, ask for donations instead of birthday gifts, or host an event… any money raised by you will directly help Cameroon’s wildlife and the orphans at the Limbe Wildlife Centre.

Whichever way you go about raising money for vulnerable wildlife, now you can create your own fundraising page on JustGiving USA. Then you can simply ask friends and family to sponsor you or make a donation. Pages can be created for challenges, birthdays, weddings, and so much more! Create a fundraising page today!


Our partners and donors mean the world to us. Because without them, there is no Limbe Wildlife Centre. Partnerships play a key role in our ability to make a real impact. We are a small but ambitious organisation and must work with partners including governments, businesses, local communities and individuals in Cameroon and around the world to make change happen. If we can leverage support from more partners, we can make a bigger impact.

Whether you are a politician, business owner, or a philanthropic individual – join us in a growing movement and need to protect wildlife.