Rising numbers of rescued African grey parrots at LWC

Over the course of 2019, this internationally recognized organisation – the only government-led project in Cameroon with the capacity to provide a high standard of care to wildlife – rescued 379 African grey parrots from traffickers. Currently, LWC has 360 birds under its care. The survival of Cameroon wildlife depends on sufficient funding for all aspects of care, rehabilitation and release. Stakeholders engaged in wildlife conservation must share this fundamental responsibility in Cameroon, it should not be placed solely on the shoulders of a single NGO.

Pandrillus Country Director, Guillaume Le Flohic, reports that this amount “represents an increase of 15% to LWC’s total budget, including the subsidies from the Government of Cameroon. This figure also represents 25-30% of the funds raised each year by Pandrillus Cameroon. Without additional support, our capacity to offer the best standard of care to the birds and to maintain all the 200 primates (inc. 15 gorillas, 43 chimpanzees and 74 drills) and other mammals and reptiles under our protection, is seriously challenged”.

Christmas Eve 2019 was marked a record seizure as 275 parrots, along with 600kg of pangolin scales. Customs seized the trafficked parrots in the Littoral Region, placing them in the specialized care of the Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) for rehabilitation. On average, a 6-month rehabilitation period is required before release. The minimal budget required for basic maintenance of this essential programme is 30M FCFA.

If the demand for illegal wildlife trade does not come to an end soon, their existence on earth will!

For more information on how LWC plans to combat this fight, please read below:

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