LWC rescues baby orphaned baby drill, Mbigou!

In January 2020, the Limbe Wildlife Centre rescued yet another victim of the illegal pet trade. This orphan drill monkey (Mandrillus leucophaeus) was about 6 months old and was being kept as a pet in the town of Mamfe. He arrived slightly underweight and dehydrated, and had a shotgun bullet in his upper thigh that was the result of his mother getting shot. However, Mbigou showed signs of strength and resilience, as despite his circumstances he was still lively and playful. He underwent a period of special care in our Quarantine with our team of caregivers until he his ready to start his re-socialisation process.

During his first health check, we removed the bullet from his thigh and he was deemed fit and healthy! 2 weeks later, Mbigou underwent his second health check and all was clear! We were then able to introduce a female drill to him who served as his surrogate mother to facilitate his resocialisation and integration in the group!

Watch Mbigou’s rescue and progress as well as his update for a happy ending to a sad story!

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