How to create your own fundraiser for Giving Day for Apes to support the Limbe Wildlife Centre

Giving Day for Apes has arrived! This year, we need your help more than ever. For 30 years, the LWC has provided a safe and secure second chance for apes in desperate need. As victims of cruel wildlife trade, many of them has seen their families killed, been confined in horrendous and inhumane conditions for years, and even been beaten by their captors. They often arrive suffering psychological trauma, physical wounds, malnourishment, and infections.

Apes are just like us… They need a home, security, family, food, water, medical care, entertainment. This is why we need your help to keep doing our important work! Funds from Giving Day for Apes will help fulfil the daily needs of the 55 apes under our care.

You can help by starting your own fundraiser and directly appealing to your friends and family to support the LWC. Why not have some fun and host a bake sale, run 5k dressed in a gorilla costume or a sponsored silence?

1. Visit our giving page.

2. Scroll down and click on the “Fundraise” button.

3. Log in or sign up.

4. Follow the instructions to create your fundraiser.

5. Set your goal – whether it is $50 of $500, every little helps!

6. Decide how you will fundraise – will you do a silly challenge, run a 10k, or just appeal to donations from your friends and family?

7. Use MightyCause guide to make your fundraiser awesome!

8. Start fundraising!

The supporter who raises the most money for the LWC through their fundraiser will get a FREE ape sponsorship for one year!

Don’t want to wait? Visit our sponsor an animal page to sponsor a rescue today.