Conserving wildlife through rescue and rehabiltiation, education and community initiatives


The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) is a conservation education centre in Limbe, Cameroon. Above all, we provide a solution to law enforcement agencies for where to place wildlife seized from the illegal wildlife trade. For all elements of our work, we collaborate with state and national government, communities, and other international and local NGOs to protect habitats and endangered species. In brief, our in-situ and ex-situ activities include rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction, conservation education and advocacy, law reinforcement, creating alternative livelihoods to hunting, and research. Through a holistic approach, the LWC aims to ensure the survival of Cameroon’s unique flora and fauna.

Ultimately, there are three main pillars to our work: rescue and rehabilitation, education and community.




Other Projects

African Grey Parrots Project

The LWC is a national rescue centre for African Grey Parrots seized from the illegal wildlife trade. Unfortunately, this species is heavily poached in Cameroon due to the demand for these animals as pets in-country and overseas. As such, we have rescued more than 3,000 African Grey Parrots since 1993. Many arrive in terrible condition; with clipped wings, dehydrated and riddled with parasites. Ultimately, our goal is to rehabilitate each individual to release them back to the wild to restore dwindling wild populations.

Animal Enrichment

In order to provide the best possible life to the rescued animals in our care, we undertake an extensive enrichment programme. When wild animals are not able to live in the forests due to human-wildlife conflict, it is incredibly important that sanctuaries provide a stimulating social, environmental and behavioural life to each rescued animal. In short, enrichment takes many forms including social, cognitive, physical/environmental, sensory and food-based.