For as little as $80 per year you change the life of an orphan of the illegal wildlife trade


Limbe Wildlife Centre cares for more than 250 rescued animals. Becoming a sponsor truly is one of the biggest ways you can help – not just your chosen primate, but every animal cared for at the LWC. All of the animals affected by the illegal bush meat and pet trades have a sad story. But by adopting an LWC animal you help us to give their story a happy ending.

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When rescued animals arrive at the Limbe Wildlife Centre they each need a warm and safe house, company from their own species, medical care and healthy food in order to recover from their traumatic past, which was full of uncertainty and loss. As long as it is needed, we will take care of them.  But we cannot do this alone; we need your help to take care of all of the orphans. You can help by adopting one of the animals below. With your help they get the life they deserve. The money received from animal adoptions is used to help pay for food, specialist care, housing, veterinary care and enrichment.

With each adoption you will receive a personalised adoption certificate, updates on your sponsored animal, and our monthly report to keep you updated on all news and developments at the LWC. To adopt an LWC animal as a gift for someone else, simply write their name and email address in the instructions during the payment process, and we’ll take care of the rest. The animals thank you!

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ADJIBOLO – Female Western Lowland Gorilla

Adjibolo was just a tiny baby when she arrived at the LWC. She was named after Mr. Adjibolo, an employee from the Ministry of Agriculture in Batouri, who rescued her from a hunter trying to sell her. We don’t know how many members of her family the hunter killed – but at just six months old, she had already experienced a lifetime of loss. When she arrived in 2007 she was very dehydrated and thin. She was in need of immediate care and attention to restore her health.

Now Adjibolo is a well-known character among all the staff and volunteers. She lives with rescued silverback gorilla Benito and fellow female gorilla Jumbo. Whilst she has had a very traumatic past, we work our hardest to provide her with a safe and secure future. Adjibolo requires special feedings and supplements as part of her daily care.

Sponsor Adjibolo for $10 per month or $120 per year.

Sponsor Adjibolo

KUMA – Male Olive Baboon

This little ball of energy arrived in 2016. He was seized from an illegal trafficker. His mother was most likely killed for bushmeat. When he arrived he was hungry and stressed. But our quarantine team worked hard to provide him with the care he desperately needed. Shortly after, he was introduced to Bameta, another rescued baboon who became his surrogate mum. They instantly bonded. Following Kuma’s quarantine period, he was introduced to the rest of our olive baboon troop where he was quickly accepted.

Kuma is sociable and displays lots of natural behaviours, including foraging, grooming and playing. Our hope one day is to release him into a protected area so he can live wild and free. For now, he relies on the Limbe Wildlife Centre for the care and protection he needs.

Sponsor Kuma for $8 per month or $100 per year.

Sponsor Kuma

African Grey Parrot

Throughout the year, the centre receives multiple African grey parrot rescues which get confiscated from the illegal pet trade.

These usually arrive in very bad health conditions, with clipped wings and ridden in parasites. Once they arrive at the centre, each individual undergoes a health check, receives necessary medical attention and then go into three weeks of quarantine before they join the big flocks.

Sponsor a parrot for $6 per month / $80 per year.

Sponsor A Parrot

CHINOISE – Female Chimpanzee

Chinoise was seized in January 2014 in a joint mission by LAGA, MINFOF (Government of Cameroon) and the LWC from a Chinese restaurant in Douala, Bonapriso. She was living in a small cage and attached by a rope. She was being used to entertain customers in the restaurant who could take pictures with her. When she arrived at the LWC, she was very weak and scared of humans. We discovered that she had a liver disease, probably due to the inappropriate food she was given during her detention.

Since arriving at the LWC, Chinoise has developed into a cheeky and confident chimpanzee. Disabled chimpanzee Ghaa has been an incredible teacher. He has taught her a great deal about chimpanzee life and society. Chinoise is also the youngest chimpanzee at the LWC!

Sponsor Chinoise for $10 per month or $120 per year.

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TWIGGS – Female Western Lowland Gorilla

Twiggs was stolen from the wild. Afterwards, she was smuggled to Nigeria to live an unnatural life as a pet for six years. In 2004, through an international cooperation mission, she returned her to her native home, Cameroon, along with her companion and fellow gorilla, Brighter. Together they started a new life at the Limbe Wildlife Centre. Due to human abuse during her time as a pet, she has a completely disabled right arm. This means she is weaker than other gorillas and could never survive in the wild. As a result of this abuse, she will rely on the Limbe Wildlife Centre for care and protection for her entire life. Twiggs needs special feeding and supplements to maintain a healthy condition.

Sponsor Twiggs for $10 per month / $120 per year. Watch Twiggs’ story!

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MASOMA – Male Red-capped Mangabey

Masoma is an orphan red-capped mangabey. He arrived at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in a box in July 2016. He was about two years old. The first years of his life were incredibly lonely and sad. He was kept illegally by three different people who just abandoned him when they were not able or willing to take care of him anymore. At the last place, he lived on a balcony in a small cage attached by a rope. This is no life for a wild, intelligent animal.

He now lives with six other red-capped mangabeys at the LWC. As the youngest male in the group, he isn’t dominant but he is certainly full of personality. Over time he is recovering from his traumatic past. Red-capped mangabeys are classified as endangered. Sadly, deforestation, the illegal pet trade and bushmeat trade are threatening their survival.

Sponsor Masoma for $8 per month / $100 per year.

Sponsor Masoma

ZOMBO – Male Mandrill

Zombo arrived at the LWC when she was around two years old. She was caught in a trap/snare and kept with the people who rescued her for around two months. During this time she was tied to the door of their house with rope around her waist. Finally, when they had the money to travel to Limbe, the family brought her to the safety of the LWC.

Today Zombo lives happily with the rest of our mandrills. She is a calm and well respected member of the troop. Mandrills are well-known for being one of the most colourful monkey species! They are classified as vulnerable and their habitats are being threatened by human activities such as deforestation and industrial agriculture. Furthermore, the species is suffering due to hunting for bushmeat.

Sponsor Zombo for for $8 per month / $100 per year.

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SUMBU – Female Mona Monkey

This little mona monkey was only two and a half months old when she arrived at the LWC in 2016. She came from Bussumbu village – hence why she is named Sumbu. On arrival she was very dehydrated, thin and had a number of small wounds on her tail. She immediately started her quarantine period during which we perform health checks and provide youngsters like Sumbu with round the clock care, a safe environment and a well-balanced diet.

Now Sumbu lives in a multi-guenon group. This includes with other Mona monkeys and also Putty-nosed monkeys. Mona monkeys are currently classified as least-concern. However, the species is threatened by the illegal pet trade and for bushmeat. It is important that humans learn to live alongside these beautiful animals as they too, like all animal species, deserve to be safe and protected in their natural habitats.

Sponsor Sumbu for $6 per month / $80 per year.

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Mbigou – Male Drill

A juvenile drill monkey orphaned by poaching and kept as a pet until his arrival to us. Although he was in good health, he was underweight and dehydrated and had a shotgun bullet in his upper thigh that was the result of his mother getting shot.

Our team of caregivers and vets have been working intensively with Mbigou to help him start his rehabilitation journey to be integrated in our group of other rescued drills. Now, Mbigou has successfully joined his new family where he enjoys playing with the others!

Sponsor Mbigou for $8 per month / $100 per year.

Sponsor Mbigou

BATEK – Male Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorilla Batek arrived at the Limbe Wildlife Centre as a three year old youngster. He was badly wounded by the shotgun pellets that killed his mother, and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Afterwards, he was kept in a small cage in Batouri, where he barely had room to move. This is no life for a gorilla. But fortunately he was one of the lucky ones who was rescued and given the appropriate care he needed.

Today he is an impressive, fully-fledged silverback. He lives with two other rescued female gorillas called Emma and Pitchou who are always keeping him on his toes. Batek is quite a nimble silverback and can often be seen taking on the tightrope in the enclosure. Whilst he isn’t as graceful as his female counterparts, he is always determined to succeed.

Sponsor Batek for $10 per month / $120 per year.

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KIKI – Female Moustached Monkey

Kiki arrived at the LWC when she was just an infant; around five months old. Her mother was killed so that Kiki could be kept as a pet. For a while she was tied up by a string around her waist. Finally she was rescued by a man who then brought her to the LWC.

Beautiful Kiki is the only moustached monkey at the LWC. She lives in a multi-species guenon group. As the least dominant member of her group we work extra hard to make sure she gets all the food and nutrients she needs.

Sponsor Kiki for $6 per month / $80 per year.

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MAYOS – Female Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Mayos arrived at the LWC in May of 2008, when she was a mere 5 months old. Her mother and family were killed for meat by a hunter, who then brought her to a hunting camp to be sold as a pet. Although she arrived healthy and in good condition, she needed 24/7 care of a caregiver as she was still so young, and clung to him permanently. When she was old enough, she joined a troop of other chimpanzees where she learned valuable skills on how to be a chimpanzee.

Unfortunately, in July of 2014, she lost her right eye in a fight with two bigger males, and the left eye sustained permanent damage. In 2019, Mayos vision continually decreased in her remaining left eye. Now, Mayos lives happily in a special care and rehabilitation enclosure with other chimpanzee who too, have disabilities like her. They now live happily in harmony and play the day away together.

Sponsor Mayos for $10 per month / $120 per year.

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