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Limbe Wildlife Centre cares for more than 400 rescued animals of which 58 are great apes. Becoming a sponsor means that your new furry friend will be provided with the best medical care, enrichment and welfare, which will enable your ape to have the most comfortable life with us. All of the animals affected by the illegal bush meat and pet trades have a sad story. But by adopting an LWC animal you help us to give their story a happy ending.

If your eye has caught an ape that you would love to help, please go back to our Giving Day site at https://givingdayforapes.mightycause.com/donate/Limbe-Wildlife-Center or click on the “sponsor” button make your donation there and send us an email to info@limbewildlife.org with your name and whom you wish to sponsor!

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When rescued animals arrive at the Limbe Wildlife Centre they each need a warm and safe house, company from their own species, medical care and healthy food in order to recover from their traumatic past, which was full of uncertainty and loss. As long as it is needed, we will take care of them.  But we cannot do this alone; we need your help to take care of all of the orphans. You can help by adopting one of the animals below. With your help they get the life they deserve. The money received from animal adoptions is used to help pay for food, specialist care, housing, veterinary care and enrichment.

With each adoption you will receive a personalised adoption certificate, updates on your sponsored animal, and our monthly report to keep you updated on all news and developments at the LWC. To adopt an LWC animal as a gift for someone else, simply write their name and email address in the instructions during the payment process, and we’ll take care of the rest. The animals thank you!

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MAYOS – Female Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Mayos arrived at the LWC in May of 2008, when she was a mere 5 months old. Her mother and family were killed for meat by a hunter, who then brought her to a hunting camp to be sold as a pet. Although she arrived healthy and in good condition, she needed 24/7 care of a caregiver as she was still so young, and clung to him permanently. When she was old enough, she joined a troop of other chimpanzees where she learned valuable skills on how to be a chimpanzee.

Unfortunately, in July of 2014, she lost her right eye in a fight with two bigger males, and the left eye sustained permanent damage. In 2019, Mayos vision continually decreased in her remaining left eye. Now, Mayos lives happily in a special care and rehabilitation enclosure with other chimpanzee who too, have disabilities like her. They now live happily in harmony and play the day away together.

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TWIGGS – Female Western Lowland Gorilla

Twiggs was stolen from the wild. Afterwards, she was smuggled to Nigeria to live an unnatural life as a pet for six years. In 2004, through an international cooperation mission, she returned her to her native home, Cameroon, along with her companion and fellow gorilla, Brighter. Together they started a new life at the Limbe Wildlife Centre. Due to human abuse during her time as a pet, she has a completely disabled right arm. This means she is weaker than other gorillas and could never survive in the wild. As a result of this abuse, she will rely on the Limbe Wildlife Centre for care and protection for her entire life. Twiggs needs special feeding and supplements to maintain a healthy condition.

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NGAMBE – Female Chimpanzee

Ngambe was rescued from a manager of a logging company, who kept her as a pet after losing her mother to the bushmeat trade. Once she arrived at the centre, and started undergoing her rehabilitation process, we quickly realized that she has a behavioral disorder.

Ngambe lacks essential and basic social skills, cannot fight back or compete with other chimps, and doesn’t display enough positive behaviors with others. She does not submit well and cannot find any support. The past procedure to rehabilitate her failed, to give her the independence from humans she needed, as she was hand-fed too often as a way to ensure she receives enough food. In October 2018, she was moved to our special care and rehabilitation enclosure, where we completed her social rehabilitation with Mayos, and the two now happily live together!

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BENITO – Male Silverback Gorilla

Benito was rescued from a logging concession in 1996 with fellow gorilla Emma. As they werer found in the South Eastern province of Cameroon, they were brought by plane to Douala where they stayed for a few days before their travel to the Limbe Wildlife Centre where they found their forever homes.

Benito was only a mere 5 months old when he was rescued and thus required around the clock care. Today, he is the most gentle silverback at LWC.

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KOTO – Male Chimpanzee

Koto was born in 2005 and is now 15 years old! He was confiscated from a farmer who claimed that he found him in his cocoa plantation 9 days before the confiscation. Kotos mother was sadly killed and caught in the farmer’s snare. Koto had then been kept in a cupboard in the farmer’s kitchen, tied up with a rope around his waist. Upon arrival at the LWC, he was very thin, dehydrated, stressed, had diarrhea, and rope wounds on his hip.

Unfortunately, Koto has a resistant bacterial infection which requires around the clock care and nursing. However, you can help him have a better life and receive the best medical treatment he needs.

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PITCHOU – Female Gorilla

Pitchou is a western lowland gorilla, born in 1996/7. Approximately a year after her birth, hunters killed her mother and familly for bushmeat, and since Pitchou was too small she was taken to Kribi to be sold as a pet.  As she was not given proper food, her health deteriorated and she became sick. After three days the owners of the hotel llomba, where the hunters were staying, could no longer bare to watch her suffer nor to listen to her crying and they bought her from them.

The owners of the hotel kept her for two weeks until they realized that they could not keep her and they decided to donate her to the Limbe Wildlife Centre. On arrival her health was very poor and she was suffering diarrhoea, ringworm and a cough. She was treated immediately and was given lots of good food. Even though severely emotionally traumatized, she responded to the treatment very well and quickly recovered.  She is now a beautiful big girl, happily living with her new family at the centre.

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NTUI – Male Chimpanzee

Ntui was rescued in 2009, along with Ngambe and Tikar, all of whom were being held by the manager of a logging company, after losing their mothers to the bushmeat trade. The man revealed that while keeping the animals he had been finding ways of obtaining an official permit to keep the chimps in his home. He said he contacted wildlife and Minepia officials in Ngambe-Tikar who promised to help him get authorization from Minfoff to keep the animals but had never acquired the permit before the seizure.

After a long battle with officials, a rescue mission was made successful and the three chimps were surrendered to the Limbe Wildlife Centre. Unfortunately, Ntui suffers from a resistant bacterial infection, which we have been fighting with her. Her treatment has been going well and she is showing improvement, however, this treatment and we need your help!

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CHELLA – Male Silverback Gorilla

Chella was rescued in 1996, being the seconf gorilla to be rescued by the LWC. He was discovered clinging to the body of his dead mother in a bush taxi at road block and was confiscated by official. Chella then spent three weeks at a wildlife office, where he was only feed by beer. Upon arrival at LWC, Chella was dehydrated, extremely malnourished and depressed.
After receiving around the clock care from LWC staff, Chella joined a infant group of gorillas, and made a full recovery. He is an excellent leader, and is quick to protect his group from any situation that he sees as being potentially dangerous even against a cobra!

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EVE – Female Chimpanzee

Eve is a 15 year old female chimpanzee that came to our centre on New Years Eve 2005, and that is why she was named Eve . Her mother was killed by a hunter, and sold her for bushmeat and took the little baby to be sold as a pet. Eve spent one week with the hunter until MINEF authorities in Tinto were informed about a baby chimpanzee who was being kept illegally in the hunter’s village.

Since she was too young to stay by herself in the centre, she was taken to the volunteer’s home where she got love and attention, as young chimpanzees stay with their mothers in the wild until they are four or five. Nowadays, Eve happily spends her time in the centre, together with Papa,  Koto and Gabon, all orphan baby chimpanzees.

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AKIBA – Female Silverback Gorilla

She came to the LWC from a small village 120 km from Belabo in the East Province of Cameroon in 2001. The hunter who killed Akiba’s family was trying to sell her and when the manager of the Sanaga –Yong Chimpanzee Sanctuary heard about it, she immediately informed MINEF officials who then went to confiscate her. After 3 days of travel by train and trucks, she arrived very tired, stressed and dehydrated.

Upon her arrival, she had a ringworm on her head and a broken bone in her hand. Soon after she completed her quarantine period she joined our gorilla group and has since become became one of the keeper’s favourite gorillas.   Her best friend is Batek who is a five year old male gorilla. They spend their time playing in one of the biggest gorilla enclosures in the world. One of Akiba’s favourite food is Yogurt and when ever it is served, she makes lots of noises and pushes everyone away so she can have as much yogurt as possible.

Sponsor Akiba for $100 for a whole year so that she can get as much yogurt as her heart desires!

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KITA – Female Chimpanzee

Kita is one of the many infant apes whose families were killed and sold on the bush-meat market. Many of these orphans die within days of being captured due to their fragile nature, susceptibility to loneliness or depression and improper health care. Survivors are often sold to restaurants and hotels, where they are kept in small cages and put on display for the customers and guests. Others like Kita are sold as pets to private households.

As Kita became older and stronger her Cameroonian owner attempted to sell her to an Israeli expat. This potential buyer works for an NGO which fights the illegal bushmeat trade therefore, he informed the responsible authorities and they were able to arrest the owner in the process of selling Kita. Kita is one of our adorable baby chimps and spend almost of her time playing with Goerge, her best friend.

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BATEK – Male Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorilla Batek arrived at the Limbe Wildlife Centre as a three year old youngster. He was badly wounded by the shotgun pellets that killed his mother, and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Afterwards, he was kept in a small cage in Batouri, where he barely had room to move. This is no life for a gorilla. But fortunately he was one of the lucky ones who was rescued and given the appropriate care he needed.

Today he is an impressive, fully-fledged silverback. He lives with two other rescued female gorillas called Emma and Pitchou who are always keeping him on his toes. Batek is quite a nimble silverback and can often be seen taking on the tightrope in the enclosure. Whilst he isn’t as graceful as his female counterparts, he is always determined to succeed.

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Special care enclosure

Twiggs’ Story